Introduction: Cheap Right Hand of Doom

Well Halloween has come and gone and while I was out trick or treating, I thought maybe I would show you how I made my wearable Right Hand of Doom. it was practically free for me, I think, so all of you out there should be good.

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need for this build:

Right Hockey or Lacrosse glove
Thick Cardboard tube
Bed foam
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun glue
Red acrylic paint

Red spray paint

Step 2: Main Tube Construcion

Take your long cardboard tube and put it against your arm. Mark where you think you should cut off. if you have a limited amount of tube, always go over than what you think, because you can always cut more off later. It should start slightly below your wrist, and slightly above your elbow. when you got your measurements, start cutting.

Step 3: Fixing Tube and Starting Hand

Ok, if your main tube is too big, cut it down, until you can move all your joints comfortably. Then take your glove and cut off all excess parts, anything thats not the actual glove. For me, it was the first picture. Now your going to want to cut off maybe an inch or so. Then take that and place it on the inside of your glove at the bottom. Make sure all your fingers, especially your thumb can fit in comfortably, then hot glue that in. It should look like the last two pictures

Step 4: Adding Foam to Tube.

Take your bed foam and find the thickest pattern you have. Mine was wavy. Put the tube on the foam and roll it around to see how much foam you need to cut off. then go about an inch or so more, just in case, and then cut it off. take your foam and glue it slightly below the top of the tube. glue it on in small sections, holding it for about one minute, to insure it sticks to the cardboard tube. you should have something that looks the first picture so far. you want that part a the end to be unglued. that part should go up pretty close to your elbow. Now go around on the inside and cut off a little layer, shown in the second picture. the inside layer is about half the size of the outside. Use your hot glue to glue that together, making the tube full. Now take a skinnier pattern from your foam. the skinniest one I had was a bunch of dots if you have that patter. cut off the all the dots so that it is much thinner. a more simple approach is to go buy thinner foam. cut out the desired width and glue it on to each side at the end of the tube, again glueing it in sections. ignore the paint for later.

Step 5: Painting and or Plastering Main Tube

Take out your red Acrylic paint and Main tube, and set them down on a piece of newspaper. now if you want to conserve paint and give the Main Tube more of a rocky look, this is the step where you can plaster it down with plaster strips. i would say maybe two coats of plaster, to make sure its not too heavy. Make sure you smooth out the strips when you put it on, so it doesn't have little square holes. then start painting. if you put on plaster, one coat of paint should do ya. if you used foam, you are going the need a lot more paint. the paint soaks deep into the holes of the foam, consuming more paint. after painting, let the tube dry for a few hours. Then take some paper towels and squeegee some of the paint out, making it dry faster. after that, you can put in the crack details with a mix of red and black acrylic paint.

Step 6: Painting Hand

Take your Red spray paint, right hand, and newspaper outside. If your glove has ventilation holes in it, put some aper on the inside, to block the paint. I was able to do mine in one coat, but if you want a darker color, you are going to want to get some black spray paint and put on a light coat before the red. Let it dry, and then your ready to go.

Step 7: Finished Product.

Now that you have everything done, its time to put it on. If you did this right, you should have pretty good wrist movement. That is the reason why it is in two parts, to give you more movability (word?) You could take a piece of red cloth and make sort of a wrist band, to hide your skin color in between the two pieces. Now go out and kill some monsters!

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