Introduction: Cheap Sculpture Tools

About: Hi everyone, I'm Federico a junior at New Tech high school. I love making stuff, art is one of my passion: I spend hours and hours drawing, making costumes, sculptures and now Instructables!

Sculpting with bare hands it’s not the best idea, trust me I've done it for a month so far, and since tools sometimes can be really expensive or shops don’t sell want you are looking for, I decided to join Build a Tool contest and make some cheap sculpting tools.

Step 1: STEP 1: Gathering Materials

Memory Wire

Metal tubes

Large Eye Stitching Niddle

Wood (a dense kind of wood is the best; I used bamboo)


Drill, Pliers

Step 2: SREP 2: Shape the Wire

Following the pictures, shape the memory wire to create loops, triangles and more; you will need a Plier and a drill.

Use the drill to twist the wire: tight 2 filaments in the chuck of the drill and stop the other edge with the pliers, then start drilling; the wire will start twisting. Stop when it is really tight. You will need this kind of wire for a couple of tools.

When you shape the forms be sure to leave some extra wire.

Step 3: STEP 3: Tubes

Cut 3 tubes of the length of 20/25 cm. They will be the handle of the tools.

Insert the shaped wire in the tubes and then press with the plier on the edge of the tube (1 inch).

Do the same on the other side of the tube with another shape.

Insert the needle in the tube and repeat the process but be sure the needle is not moving, you don’t want to punch a hole in a sculpture and lose the needle in there :)

Step 4: STEP 4: Grip

Using elastics or tape make a grip around the edges of the tool.

Step 5: STEP 5: Wood Tools

Using a knife sketch the shape of the wooden tools that you want and then start the sanding process; I made different forms like pointed, rounded( i used it the most ), triangular ( good for texture) and flat.

Step 6: STEP 6: You Are Good to Go!

You now have a full set of clay sculpture tools, they work with many kinds of clay as Super Sculpey Clay( used mainly for characters) or the classic one even when is leather/ bone dry.

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