Introduction: Cheap Trendy Hair Ties

These hair ties are a cheap and easy way to make quite trendy hair accessories that look really cool, but are really easy to make. I can make about 20 in 10 minutes, so they are also easy to make in bulk. I sold them in packets for around 25-50c per piece, or a pack of 4 for a dollar fifty or so. So if you were looking for something that could make you a little pocket money, then this would be something that all girls go crazy over.



Ruler (foot long)

Decorative hair elastic roll


Step 1: Cutting and Singing the Elastic

This step is straight forward because all you have to do is measure and cut 9 inches of the hair elastic and then singe the ends of elastic with a flame of some sort to keep it from threading.

Step 2: Tying the Bands

Fold the elastic in half and pinch the two ends between your thumb and your middle and pointer fingers. Wrap the elastic over the top part of your pointer and middle fingers and then wrap around again so that the end comes back around to the top of the same two fingers. Basically, you wrap it 1 and a half times. Then, pass the ribbon under the part of the ribbon that you wrapped around your finger. Finally, pull the loop and the two ends to tighten and complete the knot.

Step 3: You Are Finished!

Thank you so much for reading this instructable. I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to make your own!

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