Introduction: Cheap Two-way Mirror - Tinted Window - Car Intimity

I found by chance how to make two-way mirror on my car: with rescue blanket and milk!

This is a great system because from the outside light is reflected like in a mirror. So you get cooler inside, and good privacy. And on the other hand, from the inside of the car, you still can see outside. Like with a two-way mirror.

Materials you need:

  • 1 rescue blanket
  • a bit of milk (used as glue)
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 clean cloth
  • 1 window wiper

Step 1: Spray the Milk on the Window

After different experimentations, I found out that milk was the best glue for this special purpose: it can stay for long time (at least one year in hard conditions on my car), an once you decide to remove the two-way mirror, it is really fast and easy to clean (not like synthetic glue).

In fact i first tried to fix the blanket with water, which was working for few weeks. But once high heat comes on the car, it slowly starts to unstick from the window.

My second experiment was with casein glue. It sticks very very well, but it is a bit too thick and difficult to spread out. So at the end it stays smears in between the blanket and the window. Not very nice...

This is how I found the good compromise: milk is liquid enough to be spread out, and stick well.

Step 2: Lay Down the Rescue Blanket

It is really easy to adjust the blanket on the window if it is large enough. With the milk, the blanket will naturally stick on the glass (static electricity). You can use a wet cloth to lay down the blanket easily.

Step 3: Cut the Blanket Left Over

Use a cutter to remove neatly the useless part of the cover.

Step 4: Spray Out the Milk

This is the most important part if you want to get a great result.

Use a window wiper to spray the milk out, always from the centre to the outside! If you can roll down the window, it is easier to reach the edge.

If you add water on the blanket, or if you wrap the wiper in a wet cloth, the wiper slides better, and it get a great result without damaging the blanket. Almost all the milk must flow out below the blanket, so that it looks dry and transparent at the end.

Step 5: View From the Inside

From inside light is subdued, witch is great when hard sun shines on the glass.
But just one thing: People from outside can see what happens inside the car during night if you turn on the light! So if you want complete privacy it is worth to add an opaque curtain that you can roll (I fix mines with magnets sewed on the textile).

Step 6: Here You Are!!

And this is it!!

Have a good trip!

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