Cheap Warhammer Game

Introduction: Cheap Warhammer Game

If you know Warhammer then you will know that it can get really expensive so I decided to make my own cheaper version using board game pieces.

Step 1: Gather Pieces

You will need a chess set, dice and a ruler.

Step 2: Troops

Like any war game you need troops so thats why I chose chess.
The following steps will give you stats and information about the piece.

Step 3: Pawns

Pawns will be your basic troop, they have less attack and are slower than a bishop but they are better armored.
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Speed: 5
Range: 1
Weakness: knights -d1

Step 4: Bishops

Bishops are your archers, but they are weak so protect them.
Attack: 4
Defense: 2
Speed: 7
Range: 15
Weakness: none

Step 5: Knights

Knights are the horsemen and they are fast, strong and heavily armored, but have a weakness to arrows.
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Speed: 10
Range: 1
Weakness: bishops -D5

Step 6: Queens

In this game queens aren't really queens they are more like warlords strong in every way.
Attack: 4
Defense: 5
Speed: 7
Range: 2
Weakness: none

Step 7: Rules of Movement, Attack and Defense

The stats on the troops I have shown may have been confusing to you here is and explanation on how they work.

Movement (speed)
The speed stat represents how far you can move eg:
Speed: 3
Movement distance: 3cm

Attacking the opponent depends on if you hit the target or not and if you do does it cause damage? So here is some examples:
A pawns attack stat is 3 so he must roll a 3 or more.
A bishops attack is 4 so he must roll a 2 or more.
A knights and queens attack is 5 so they must roll a 1 or more.
The first roll ensures that you have hit the target then you must roll a second time to cause damage.

If the opponent achieves both rolls successfully
You must roll to see if your armor saves your
Troop eg:
Defense: 2
Roll to save: 4+

The formula for attacking and defending is the same: subtract 6 by the stat shown.

Step 8: Advantage Points

As you may of realized rooks and kings weren't on the list of troops, the reason is because the game needs advantage points.
Kings show free advantage points and rooks show taken advantage points, if you own a advantage point then all troops in a 14cm radius have +1 bonuses in the attack and defense stats.

Step 9: If You Have Any Questions Don't Be Afraid to Ask.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This style of game-play was first designed by H. G. Wells and chronicled in his book "Little Wars" ( It is really neat to see you using the chess pieces.