Introduction: Cheap Way to Get High Voltage Electricity

High voltage can be hard to get cheaply. This tutorial will show you how to generate around 75,000 volts of electricity for less than 30 dollars.


empty glass bottles

9 volt switch

9 volt battery

9 volt battery clip

3 negative ion electrostatic generators (12v to 20,000v each)

Step 1: Preparing the Wires

Start by stripping the output wires of the generators (the thick red and black ones) to about 1 inch. Strip the input wires of the generators (the thin red and black ones) to about one centimeter. Strip the battery clip/holder wires to about 1 centimeter. Twist all of the red output wires together. Then, twist all of the black output wires together. Strip a red, 3 inch piece of wire (I used 20 gauge) to about one centimeter on both ends.

Step 2: Adding the Battery and Switch

Twist the black wire from the battery case to the black input wires from the generators. Twist the 3 inch piece of wire to the red wires from the generators. Attach the other end of the 3 inch wire to one of the terminals on the switch. Twist the red wire from the battery case to the other terminal on the switch. I recommend hot gluing the generators together and hot gluing the switch to one of the cases. Make sure to cover all of the bare wires except the the outputs of the generators.

Step 3: Finishing the Outputs

You don't have to, but if you want to make the output wires longer, attach a 1 foot piece of wire (I used 18 gauge) to each of the outputs. Make sure to cover the bare wire that connects the outputs to the extension piece. Take the ends of the outputs and attach and alligator clip to each of them. That will make it easier for attaching it to stuff later. if you want to, you can wrap the output wires from the generator in electrical tape, that will make it so there is only one wire.

Step 4: Building the Capacitor Bank

A capacitor bank is optional, but it can do some crazy stuff. It will make the lightning longer, but it will use more energy and not jump the gap as fast.

without capacitor bank: about 1 centimeter long

with capacitor bank:about 1 inch long

Start by taking the label off the glass bottles. Cut a piece of aluminum foil to be the same height as one inch below the top of the bottle and tape it onto the bottle. Fill the bottle with salty water and put a piece of aluminum foil in it. Connect wires to the inside and outside aluminum foil. If you're adding more than one, connect them together.

Step 5: Safety

High voltage electricity is very dangerous and could be life threatening. Be very safe when you do this.

Ways to stay safe:

always keep one hand behind your back

don't put your fingers near any of it

turn it on and off from a distance

make sure nothing around you will get destroyed