Introduction: Cheap and Easy FPV Headset Using Your Android Smartphone

Welcome to my first Instructable.

In this Instructable we are going to build a FPV Headset.

The goal was to make a cheap and easy to build FPV headset for under 20$ (phone not included) by using your smartphone as screen. It should be possible to build it in about one hour.

Step 1: Materials

So here is what you need for the basic version:


• Android Smartphone (Android 4.0 or higher)

Nice to have is a large and high resolution screen. I use my HTC one M8

• Google Cardboard

You can get clones from China on Ebay for under 2$

• Easycap Video Capture Adapter (STK1160 or UTV007 chipset) 7$

Make sure you have one of these chipsets inside or it will not work with your Phone. Ask the seller first.

• Micro USB OTG cable

from ebay around 2$


• EasyCap Viewer

This is the Android App we are going to use. It is not free and you have to purchase the FPV option inside the App but its still under 5$ all together.

Step 2: Adapting the Software

Some preferences.

Step 3: Build It!

It´s pretty easy. Just follow the pictures step by step.

Step 4: Improvements and What´s Next?

  • Build a Headstrap

Some Cardboards come with a headstrap. Mine didn´t so I have to build one.

  • Reliability update:

By using better VR Glasses the whole thing should be more stable. I already ordered one and I will post the results as soon as they arrive.

  • Real 3D

As the UTV007 has more than one channel it would be possible to display different images to both eyes. By using two cams a real 3D image would be archived. Currently the App only supports one chanel and I dont know how big the effect would be.