Introduction: Cheap and Easy Halloween Yard Decorations

Decorating the yard for Halloween does not need to be an expensive undertaking. There are large props available at nearly every store leading up to Halloween but these come at an equally large price. Some simple to make crosses and signs can make your yard look the part on Halloween for minimal investment. The added advantage is that the whole family can get involved in the construction and layout.

Step 1: Material and Tools

To keep the cost down only the paint needs to be purchased and minimum tools are required. Pallets are often given away and in this case the broken ones are actually better! The nails from the pallets can be reused to hold the crosses together.


  • Pallets
  • Paint
  • Cobwebs (optional)


  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Paint brush
  • Saw (either hand or circular)

Step 2: Make the Crosses

Tear the pallets apart with the pry bar. You don't need to be too fussy as it looks better if the cross bars are made from broken pieces.

None of the measurements are critical. Try the various pieces of pallet wood to find what looks best as either a simple cross (vertical stake with a cross bar), simple sign (vertical stake with a larger cross bar) or a sign (2 vertical stakes with at least one cross bar between them).

Take pieces of pallet that you are going to use as stakes and cut a point on one end with the saw. This is to allow it to be easily hammered into the ground.

Attach the cross bars using recycled nails, screws, whatever you have at hand. I used the nails that came out of the pallets. These were far to long and had to be bent over to ensure there where no sharp spikes that could hurt the unwary (remember people may be running around the finished crosses in the dark).

Step 3: Paint

This is the part the kids (maybe mum and dad too...) loved.

Paint names onto each of the crosses. We used topical names and ones kids would recognise. We also made "keep out" and "resting in pieces" signs.

Put some red paint on a plate and add water so that it is very runny. Try to get as much onto your brush as possible and push it on it spots. This will allow the paint to dribble down. You can also try flicking it on to get a splatter effect or adding some red hand prints.

Step 4: Setup the Yard

Scatter the crosses and signs around the yard, the more random the better! Think about where people first enter onto your property and put a "keep out" or "beware" sign here.

Use a hammer to drive the crosses and signs into the ground when you are happy with the layout.

Keep an eye on the kids if they are helping you to ensure they stay safe when using a big hammer.

Step 5: Enjoy!

The first rule of making stuff is enjoying both the process and the end result so stand back and smile!!!

To add a bit more you could put cobwebs on some of the crosses or drape lights around and over them but neither is really neccessary and doing without would keep the cost down.

Hope you enjoy this simple and cheap way to decorate your yard for Halloween.

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