Cheap and Easy IPad, Smart Phone Tripod Holder With Limited Tools



Introduction: Cheap and Easy IPad, Smart Phone Tripod Holder With Limited Tools

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I needed a way to hold my iPad safely onto my tripod. After an quick search of the internet I decided to design my own. This has been working for me about a year now. Hope you can use it too.

Step 1: Get It Together

I had everything I needed except for a threaded insert. I found one at Ace Hardware for $1.29. This build could be that cheap if you have some scraps around your shop. If not, it shouldn’t cost any more than $15.00 if you have to buy everything.
1/4”x20 threaded insert either hammer in or brass
1/4”x 20 bolt
If you have brass insert you will also need 2 nuts to fit bolt
Small clipboard or small piece of 1/4” plywood
5/16 drill bit - if you have to buy one it will be the most expensive part of the build
3/4” x 3/4” piece of wood
Rubber bands

My Ace Hardware is Hills Ace Hardware
You can also order it on line at

Step 2: Measure and Cut and Drill

Measure the device you plan on using. Make sure your wood will not interfere with your camera. Cut clipboard or plywood to size. Cut 3/4” wood piece 2”s shorter than width of board.

If you don't have a saw, use the one at the big box store in the moulding isle.

Find the center of the 3/4” piece and drill a 5/16” hole.

Step 3: Time for Threaded Inserts

Common to both methods- add a little Vaseline to the threads of the bolt. This will ensure the glue doesn't stick in the threads. Put a dap of glue into the hole in the wood.

If you have a brass insert:
Put two nuts onto the bolt and lock them against each other. Screw bolt into insert making sure it goes in most of the way. Carefully screw the insert into the wood using a wrench

Hammer in insert:
Again thread a bolt into the insert. Line the insert straight up and down in the hole. Give it a hard wack with a hammer until it’s set.

Step 4: Glue Up

Time to glue the 3/4” board to the body (plywood or clipboard). Glue it to the bottom of the larger board making sure the threaded insert is in view on the bottom of the board. If the glue makes the boards slippery, sprinkle a little salt on the glue. Clamp the two boards together or add a weight to the top of them until the glue drys, at least an hour or so.

Step 5: Put It to Use

Once the glue is dry it’s ready for use. If you’re concerned about the looks, give it a coat of paint. It will fit onto any tripod.

To use, place your device on the 3/4” rest and use rubber bands to hold your device in place.

Thanks for looking.

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