Introduction: Cheap and Easy Macro Lens for Phone

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This instructable will show just how easy it is to make a Macro Lens for your smart phone. All you need is a torch with a zoom lens and if possible, a case from an old phone to mount the lens. In fact, all you really need is the torch lens as you can mount the lens on your phone by other methods such as blu-tack or sticky tape for example.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

IN my case, I already had the torch and an old case off a Galaxy III which died a long time ago. The torch is still functional, so I am just going to temporarily borrow the lens when I have the need to take close up photos of something small.

Step 2: Tools Required

This is a list of the tools I had on hand to make this project. None are really necessary as there are alternative methods to achieve the same outcome,

Calliper Calibration tool

Hole punch


Screw driver.

The hammer looks a bit out of place for a build of this nature, but rest assured it's not for use on the phone or torch.

Step 3: Modify the Old Phone Case.

Fortunately my current phone fitted into my old Galaxy III case even with the protective cover on. Not a perfect fit, but enough to hold on firmly.

I began by cutting the old case on half as it was much too short to fit over my phone.

Inverting the case upside down, i measured the position of where the lens hole had to be punched out so as to have the lens perfectly centred. Using a calibrator, the hole needed to be roughly 22mm.

I only had a 3/4" (19mm) hole punch on hand which would have to do. You could of course drill out the hole or shape with a box cutter as another means of achieving this. The hole doesn't have to be that accurate.

Step 4: Extracting the Lens

Unscrew the top of the torch to expose the lens within, and carefully prise out of it's casing. Mine popped out without issue.

I found that with this lens (which is flat on one side), I didn't have to fiddle around to find the focal point. The lens sitting directly on the phone gave a sharp image.

Step 5: My Case After Modification.

This is the finished product. I could of course glued the lens to the case, however as I mentioned previously, I still want to keep my torch operational.

You can also just attach the lens directly to the phone with blu-tack as shown above, but be careful you don't let it fall off and get scratched, damaged or lost.

Step 6: End Result

Here's the result of the magnification that can be achieved.

I think I need to invest in a mini camera tripod rather than holding the phone in one hand, juggling my tablet in the other and trying to get them both in focus - anyhow you get the picture...pardon the pun.

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