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Introduction: Cheap and Easy Planters

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Earlier this year we had a new front deck installed and we thought it was time to replace all the old planter boxes in the front of the house to go along with the new porch. To make these planters I'm using $6 common board pine from Home Depot. One $6 board is enough for one planter box. This is a real quick and easy project that anybody with a few basic woodworking tools can do.

Step 1: Crosscut to Length

I'll begin by cutting to length the front, back and sides on my crosscut sled.

Step 2: Cut Side Angles

The front has an 81 degree slopped edge so I'll cut that angle using my miter gauge. It takes a couple of passes as I like to sneak up on the cut.

Step 3: Rip to Width

I'll then rip the two sides and back to the proper width.

Step 4: Cut Front Bevel

Using my angle gauge I'll set my table saw blade to 81 degrees and cut the bevel on one edge of the front board.

Step 5: Mark Front Width

Using one of the side pieces I'll mark the width of the front.

Step 6: Cut Parallel Bevel

And then cut the bottom bevel of the front board making sure the two edge bevels are parallel.

Step 7: Pre-Drill Holes

I'll then pre-drill and countersink the holes in the front and back pieces

Step 8: Assembly

I'll use some clamps to hold it together and drive some screws in the front and back. I'll then remove the screws, add some glue and screw it back together. This method allows for easier glue-up as the pieces won't slip all over and will self-align with the holes. And then repeat for the back.

Step 9: Add Trim

At the home center I also picked up some detail trim that I'll use to cover up the screw holes and add some style. All it takes is just a little but of glue and some tape to clamp it down.

Step 10: Paint and Finish

Then paint everything with some exterior paint and primer.

Step 11: Installing and Add Liner

And now it's just time to remove the old planter box and replace it with the new. For the liner I'm using a 36" planter box from the home center. I made the boxes so the liner will just drop right in.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    By the way it will make my garden very beautiful . I'm gonna make it :) ...... <3