Introduction: Cheap and Easy Wine Rack

Overview: This is how the rack will most likely look like

I needed a cheap and individual solution for our pantry.

I looked all over but all options where either to expensive, to big or small, or to difficult to build.

So I made up this one from pretty easy to get materials and with as little special tools as possible.

Have fun building, expanding, changing or adjusting it to your needs :-)

Step 1: Step 1: Get the Materials and the Tools


You only need a few tools

- sanding paper

- wood-grater (half round like in the picture)

- screw driver/drill


- Wood:

12m of 19mm x 44mm // about 39ft of 3/4" x 1 3/4" or equal

I used about the cheapest wood the hardwarestore had to offer so it was under 10$.

- Screws:

12x 8cm (3,1") wood screws

4x 4cm (1,5") wood screws

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the Wood and Mark It

Next you cut the wood into the right lengths.

For a rack with 4 levels you will need:

8 slats with 1m (3,3ft) or the width you want your rack to have.

12 slats with 25cm (10") or the depth you want you rack to be.

2 slats with about 30cm (12") which is a little lower than the approwimated heigh of the rack. (optional - will provide best sturdiness when screwed to the outside)

Once you have the proper lenghts you can start by marking the dents in the long slats where the bottles are going to rest.

I choose a distance of 1,8cm (7") for the bumps, so I have more options for bigger and smaller bottles.

I used a side of a cereal box and put the holes in the right distance and used it as an easy alternative to mark all slats the same.

Step 3: Step 3: Start Grating and Sanding

Now you have the biggest part of work in front of you.

Once you marked all the long slats you can start by grating small bumps. It is easier if you take the roughest file/grater you have.

When the slats are done you can sand them down.

I chose not to do it by hand so I put a bit of sanding paper on a round piece of wood and stuck it in my screwdriver.

I decided to not do it so perfectly because it will only be in our pantry and not in the living room.

Step 4: Step 4: Drill the Holes

Once all slats are grated and sanded they should look somewhat like the first picture.

You can mark the holes for the screws.

Take measurements of the slats and put the holes as in the 3rd image.

You want to make sure that you take half of the width and broadth of your slat. That way the holes should align.

Step 5: Step 5: Put It Together

It is easiest to put together each level on it's own.

Stack the two short slats on top of each other and put the long slat with the bumps on top.

Now you can put in the screws like in the second picture.

Once it is all screwed together you can either leave it that way if it is stable enough or you can take the two left over slats with about 30cm and screw them each on one side of the rack to keep it all together.

Now that you have put it all together, take a good look at it, maybe sand a few edges or put some colour on it and be proud of what you have done today :-)