Cheap and Versatile AA Flashlight Holder




Introduction: Cheap and Versatile AA Flashlight Holder

I've got an addiction to flashlights, particularly LED lights, they are handy and efficient, but where to put them when they're not in use? I was working on different Instructables and came across a package of "Spring Grips" at the local hardware store, 2 for $2.69. I grabbed them for the project. As these sat around the shop they caught my eye as something that had a grip range of all my AA flashlights. Adding a couple of Hard drive magnets with Epoxy or Servo tape and I created one fine Flashlight holder.
Follow along and I'll share a couple of options for other mountings and uses. Please feel free and add suggestions..... Oh and please go easy on me as this is my first completed Instructables with hopes of more to follow.

Thanks Steve

Step 1: Locate Needed Parts

Not much is needed for this step, go to the hardware store and locate a package of Spring Clips, there are several different types of clips, the ones I used are designed to hold brooms and shovels in your workshed. (I'd also like to note, the springs in my clips are very strong!) I located these clips down the isle where storage items were sold

Package of spring clips

Epoxy, JB Weld or Servo Tape
If Servo tape isn't something you're familiar with well all the better, I can share a great secret. I'm not sure where it came from originally but RC modelers use this stuff to mount servos into their projects, its really good stuff and is fairly inexpensive. I picked up a roll at my local hobby shop in the radio control department. Just ask for Servo tape and they will know what it is. Here's a link

tower hobbies servo tape search

Rare Earth Magnets
(See idiotjohn's instructable below for help removing magnets from old hard drive)

How to pull apart a hard drive to get rare earth magnets

Step 2: Mix Up Some Epoxy and Glue It Together or Try Some Servo Tape

I was looking for my tubes of Epoxy and found a roll of servo tape, remembering my wife doesn't much like the smell of Epoxy I decided I'd try the tape.
We'll use the tape or Epoxy to attach the magnets to the clip
Roll out the tape and firmly press on the magnets
Trim around the tape, remove the protective cover on the other side of the tape and press each magnet on ears of the clip, I would suggest doing one magnet at a time. If you use Epoxy, I'd suggest some disposable gloves, as I can see this could get messy if the magnets aren't clamped to the clip while curing. Flying magnets and splattering epoxy makes for a frustrating project.

Step 3:

Now you can enjoy your flashlight and have it stick to any flat magnetic surface.
Since this clip puts a death grip on your flashlight, why not mount it on your handlebars?
Using either tie wraps or Hose clamps, this clip could hold your light on your bike, yet have it removable.
Like I mentioned in the first frame, please go easy on me, I'm an instructables virgin. However I'd like comments and suggestions



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