Introduction: UPDATED !!!! Cheap and Easy WIFI Antenna Signal Booster That Is Better and Quicker Than the Paper Ones !!!

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A new swing on an old idea for improving your WIFI signal!

Step 1:

I call this WIFI booster ad on the POPtenna because you make it from a plastic pop bottle.
First get a clean plastic 2 liter pop bottle.

Step 2:

Strip off the label if there is one and wipe down with a cleaner that does no leave a residue.

Step 3:

Using a large sharpy pen, mark a ring around the bottom and a window that takes up just half of the diameter of the bottle as shown.

Step 4:

Cut out the window first so the bottle will have stiffness to help with the cutting and then cut off the bottom of the bottle.

Step 5:

After doing all the cutting, you must clean out the bottle's inside with windex or an equivelent cleaner.
The as you see by the photo.... get out your tin foil and glue stick and get ready for the next step of lining the inside face of the bottle with tin foil and making it as smooth as possible.

Step 6:

As you can see by the photo, it is only the back of the inside that gets the tinfoil. This is to make a vertical dish to focus the signal beam back into your vertical omnidirectional antenna.

Step 7:

Now this may be one of the most important parts of the antenna dish. I hope you save the cap because we are going to make an adjuster ring from it. Mark an X on the cap and make a clean cut though both lines. When finished, replace it onto the bottle neck.


Upon a few peoples suggestions..... It has been noted that if you make the cut at the edge and not the center the signal will be much higher. I totally re-did the cap as they suggested and my signal went up from 76% to 90. OK GUYS POINT TAKEN !! So having said that....

Adjust accordingly to follow RIMAR2000's suggestion to move it at least an inch or so closer to the reflector. You were right and I was wrong.

Also if you get a chance, follow the link that RIMAR2000 has on his comment and you will see where he got his information, granted, you will have to translate it, but, if you look at the diagrams... It all makes perfect sense !

Thanks RIMAR2000!

Step 8:

Now you are ready to place the reflector onto your antenna. Slide the antenna into the center of the X you made in the cap and then force the bottle down over the antenna until the top of the antenna is level with the top of the reflector. Now you place your antenna in a high place and experiment with it by turning it until you see a boost in the signal strength on your computer. This reflector is good because it covers the entire length of the vertical antenna and is very adjustable both right to left and in and out too.

Step 9:

As you can see I have a very strong signal pick up! Before I had a 30 percent signal and now look at it!
Up to 76% and running great!

Funny thing is to about this is the router is over 100 yards away in our office at the place I live!
They offer free WIFI in the clubhouse and office, but, I can use it from a long ways away now!
Have fun and I hope this helps with any signal issues you may encounter in your WIFI network.

P.S. the antenna that I was using before was a 7dbi antenna and now it is on steroids!
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