Introduction: Cheap and Easy Gaspowered Canon

hallo this is  my first instrucable. I've made a spudgun or what ever you may call it. it's a thing that can shoot marbles. its pretty cool but not a hole lot safe vhen youre fireing it.
the first i made was a litle fragile becouse i had been making a lot of cuts and holes in the bottle and covered them vhith glue and tape.

Step 1: Materials

as in the step before you just need:
a normal 1.5- 2.5 ltr sadabottle
pvcpipe 16mmore what ever you can get.
a lighter with a long head so you can get it in the bottle.
a bottle of flamable gas. I used something that i use for my gassoftgun.
a knife
lots of gluestics
a drill

Step 2: How to Build It :D

drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and in the lid. the one in the bottom should be big enough to fit the lighter. the hole in the lid should be just big enough so that what ever you're gonna shout with cant fall through.

glue the pvc pipe on the lid so it cant be easely separated. (if the glue can't get a grip on the lid you can scratch it with your knife.)

put the lighter through the hole in the botom of the bottle. glue it real tight using a lot of glue. (if you don't use enough glue ore its not attached properly then it can get lose when youre fireing because of the big presure inside the bottle and it's not realy good when its there you have your hand and you will be burned if you touch the flame.)

tape is only for decorations :P

Step 3: How to Shout It :D

oh thats easy just take the bottle put some gas inthere  not much just hold it for a second ore so. then screw the lid on the bottle and put a marble ore a metalball in the barrel if you don't want it to fall out then put a little paperball in the barrel. then stuff it with a stick that can get to the bottom of the pipe. then just aim and pull the tricker :D enjoy.

if you get hurt ore if you hurt something else with this then i am not responsible.
i dont know how hard it can shout but i bet it shouts pretty hard :P so dont aim at annyone ore annything that isn't surpose to be shot at.

remember have fun :D