Introduction: Cheap and Easy Laptop Stand

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My macbook is always hot... so I need a laptop stand. So I start to search one on line but there was too expensive and they are so frikin simple!!!

So I make my own....

Step 1: Thinking About It....

I was looking for some usefull materials in my office and saw an aluminum tube ... so take I it and go downstairs to grab a saw and cut!
I realized I just needed a 10" piece ... after check my macbook, which measures 12 " wide and I decided to leave an inch free on each side.

I think you can use a PVC tube instead of aluminum.

Step 2: Other Materials: Rubber.

I  also found a rubber that is used for some of the products we make. is like 1/8" thick and it is not so hard  to damage the macbook, so I will use to protect and give stability to the tube.

Cut only five very small pieces ... two 3 / 4 "square and three 1 / 4" by 3 / 4 ".

Step 3: Making It.

I do not know if I made the right choice, but I used silicon to glue the pieces of rubber to the aluminum pipe. If you have a better idea ... Use it!, but silicone is what I had at my disposal.

Put the two largest at the same height on one side of the tube. Fig 1.

the other we have to put them on the opposite side of the tube as shown in fig 2

Use masking tape to hold parts in place.

Step 4: Use It.

After waiting just a little bit, is done!

You can use it even for running wires inside the tube and try to sort this whole bunch of cables.