Introduction: Cheap and Easy Screen Print

About: I'm a graphic designer, I'm also work with the printing on T-shirts, if you want you can order the design for you.

I'm tired of working designs for other people, so I tried to find the cheapest way to screen print and try to do some designs for me.

I took mosquito nets and a picture frame and create something like Aluminium Screen. The design I put on plastic paper which I took off from some old book (something like that is a paper for the old overhead projectors).

Step 1:

Items that I used to create are mostly available to everyone ( check the first picture ) :




-Hair dryer

-Tlastic paper


-Several paper, and several pieces of wood on which I set up T-shirts

-And color, if you see which I used please do not buy it because it is not good

Step 2:

After you make a stencil and screen, place the shirt on a piece of wood, and remember to set under a paper. Then place the stencil and screen over it as the best way to create a design without moving. ( btw. You can use normal paper for making stencil but they are most often used only once). After fixing the design on screen stick tape around design that would not leaked color.

Step 3:

Now the most interesting part. Apply color over the sceen and cover design, more than once if possible, until the color equable

Step 4:

Carefully slide the screen after a few seconds and stencil. Then it is best with a hair dryer to dry the design, after that it is preferably to iron T shirt.

Step 5:

This is my first experience in creating designs, if I improve my skills soon I will post a new tutorial of course with the cheapest way to print.

If you have money, order a graphic design for your T-shirt or something else, visit website:

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