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Introduction: Cheap and Simple Beer Pong/coffee Table

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I'm a college student with college students for friends. Some of them have a house, and wanted a beer pong table. We were cheap, so we made this one.

-Foam core door at a home center, pick the size you want. Make sure that it has a solid surface so the balls bounce well. 20$ or so at a home center
-Four 18x18x24 inch moving boxes. They come flat and you have to fold them. 8$ or so for the four. 
-Duct tape 3$
-(optional) spray matte sealer, paint and pens for decoration. 15$

Build it:
-Fold the boxes. If you want a different height, modify two of the boxes so that when you fold them they have shorter dimensions. We shortened two of ours down to 24x18x14, 4 inches shorter. 
-duct tape the boxes together as shown in the pictures, with the long sides together. Use as much tape as you want, the more the better. You want STRENGTH.
-Set the boxes up, and take the table outside for good ventilation. Paint whatever design you want on it, then cover with two coats of matte clear sealer. This keeps the surface protected from the inevitable spills. 
- Let it dry and stop smelling like paint, which takes about a day in warm weather. Bring it inside and put the table on the boxes as shown. 

Use it for beer pong or table-ing things!

It weighs very little and can be moved easily. Both sides have room for art of your choice. The table can be used as a beer pong table in one configuration, or a coffee/activity table the other way. This thing is pretty resilient, and has withstood many strenuous games and party sessions, and everyone loves it. You can't sit or dance on it, but it performs it's table duties splendidly. 

Also, it serves as an art piece. On one side is a rousing rendition of the local graffiti icon Ralph, signed by Daddy Fat Stacks himself. On the other is a wide array of quotes and gibberish that people think are profound. The edge is decorated with a bunch of burn marks from bored people with lighters. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and if you make an awesome table, show me in the comments, and I will reward you!

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    This is great! I've been looking for a cheap desk for a new PC soon. About how much weight do you think a table like this could hold?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well, you definitely cant sit on it, but it takes a fair amount of weight if spread out. When it's up in it's taller table form, I would focus the weight towards the ends so it pushes down on the boxes, instead of on the unsupported middle of the table. Like, put the PC tower on one end, a lightweight monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc in the middle, and your other desk stuff on the other side. It really depends on how tough of a door you get, ours is mediocre at best.

    If you make it, post pics!