Introduction: Cheap-ass Coat-hanger Microphone Stand

Necessity struck again when my USB headset for Skype gave up the ghost. Not wanting to spend a fair amount of money on a new on I looked at my Rock Band peripherals, but I don't own a Mic stand and holding the microphone while raiding is prohibitive. Thus the Cheap-ass Coat-hanger Microphone Stand is born.
What you will need:
1 Coat-hanger
~10" Tape (masking or duct) or other means of securing stand to surface.
Needle nose pliers.

Step 1: Cut and Unbend the Wire.

First step was to cut the twisted ends off an old coat hanger and straiten the wire. It is important to remove the twist as it is hard to work with later on and hard to straiten. use the pliers right after the bend to make a fairly strait wire.

Step 2: Make the Base.

Use the pliers to make 3 bend each after about 1.5-2" of wire. the first 2 ~60 degrees to produce a triangle the next 90 degrees at a right angle to make a riser.

Step 3: Make Mic Holder

on the other end of the wire make a 1" loop with 2 revolutions. the spacing should be ~1/4" so the mic wire can be threaded.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Attach the base with tape or mechanical fasteners. Insert the mic and bend the coat hanger  wire so it points at approximately your lips with the mic's wire end slightly slanted downward as to prevent it falling out.
Sand the ends to remove sharp burs that could cut you or the mic wire.