Cheap Cutting Board and Kitchen Knife to Shark Flex Tool

Introduction: Cheap Cutting Board and Kitchen Knife to Shark Flex Tool

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This will show you how to make a piranha type tool with a cheap knife and cutting board.

Step 1: Base

I was looking at the pirrahna gear tie tool thingies, and thought they were really sweet, however I'm broke so I had to come up with something on my own. The shark was born. This project is super customizable, so be inspired, feel free to use power tools, I don't have those, so I didnt, but it would probably look better. Also feel free to vote for this in the before and after, reuse or outside contest (PLEASE BE SAFE, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING DUMB YOU DO WITH THIS.)

What you need...

-crappy plastic cutting board

-crappy knife


-hex nuts(optional

-not crappy epoxy



Step 2: Blade

Snap or cut the blade off the knife. Then snap or cut off the point, so it is flat, this can be used as a screwdriver.

Step 3: Body

Here is where you can get creative, cut a four inch strip of the cutting board, then cut it in half, from here you can use whatever design you want, just make sure It has a slot for the blade, similar to a seat belt cutter. Now, trace your design on the other peice of cutting board, and cut it out, the blade will go in between these.

Step 4: Finishing

Put the blade in the desired place in between the pieces, then epoxy all around it, put clothes pins on it and let it sit overnight. When you are done with this you can put it on a keychain or whatever you want, I just did a piece of paracord with duct tape around it and a hex nut.

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