Introduction: Cheap Gas Door Repair

Correction on this instructable!

the small metal plate that came with the magnetic door latch did not stay

attached to the inside of the fuel door, so i used a polyurethane

construction glue and sealant hoping that it will be more durable than the fiberglass resin

This is my first post, english is not my first language so I hope

that it will be comprehensible for the readers. This repair is for

Hyundai Elantra 2007 but it could work for other makes and models.

I'm posting this to help people save money for this repair.

Hyundai Elantra 2007, gas cover release lever was very hard to open,

Hyundai dealer solution was to replace the fuel door release cable and lever.

Total cost of repair 280$ parts and labour.

With a magnetic door latch, fiberglass resin/hardener or epoxy glue, 2 metal screws,

the repair can be done for a few dollars.

Step 1: Parts Needed Magnetic Door Latch, Fiberglass Resin With Hardener or Epoxy Glue, 2 Metal Screws.

Removing gas door makes the job easy to do.

Step 2: Gas Door Before Cutting.

Refer to first photo for details.

Step 3: The Result.

To open gas door you can use a key be carefull not to scratch car.

I hope this post will be useful to someone.