Introduction: Cheap IPhone 5 Wallet Case

Create a cheap iPhone wallet for less than 3 dollars! Materials needed are an iPhone case, fake leather, and glue. The case was from The Dollar Tree, so only a dollar. The fake leather was a remnant but you need less than 1/3 of a yard from a bolt bought at hobby lobby. The glue was e-6000 that I already had. 

Step 1:

Create a pattern using your case. The pocket is actually used as 2 patterns. One is cut full size and the other is folded in half and used three times. Using the patterns, cut the fabric. 1 body, 1 closure, 2 straps, 1 large pocket, 3 small pockets.

Step 2:

Using the glue, very carefully glue the two straps together with the right sides facing out. Set a heavy book on top while it is drying.

Step 3:

Using the large pocket as a back, place one small on the top and sew a line along the bottom only. Line up the second pocket slightly below and on top of the first small pocket. Sew a line along the bottom. Place the third pocket lined up with the bottom of the back and pin the entire thing down.

Step 4:

Sew a U shape along the edges. This will close off all of the pockets. These pockets are the perfect size for credit cards.

Step 5:

On the main body, place the closure in the middle along the edge and sew two straight lines along the edges of the closure. Sorry about the blurry picture. Be sure to keep a small amount of space between the edges of the body and the closure. There will be a seem along the body edge and you don't want to accidentally sew the closure shut.

Step 6:

Line the pocket up with the edge of the main body, wrong sides together. Sew a wide U with the open side on the inside. This creates a slightly larger pocket. Again, be sure not to sew the closure down when you do this.

Step 7:

Place the strap on the opposing side of the closure and secure it with a stitched line along the edge. Make sure that the strap lines up with closure so that the case will close evenly.

Step 8:

Using the glue, attach the case to the body. Place a ring of glue around the camera opening and around the edge of the case. Very carefully line the case up with the body and press tightly. Add a weight to the top of the case and let dry. Enjoy!