Introduction: Cheap 'n Easy Tempered Chocolate

Dear Chocolate-Lovers.

Today I present to you the easiest and cheapest way to temper chocolate there possibly is!

All you need is:

Chocolate (of course!)

Food-safe plastic bags (preferably freezer-bags, for they are stronger and waterproof)

Warm water

A waterproof container (like a sink, or a big bowl, ...)

Step 1: And That's How It's Done!

1) Break your chocolate into little pieces!

(The firmer your chocolate, the smaller your pieces should be.

White-chocolate and milk-chocolate will be fine in bite-size pieces, dark chocolate will need finer grading.)

2) Fill your chocolate in your bag and shut it tightly!

3) Take your container and fill it with nice warm water.

(Water is the right temperature, if it isn't too hot for you to touch. If you would take a bath with that water-temperature it is fine.)

4) Put your bag inside your container and let it sit for a bit.

5) Start massaging your chocolate, until you can't feel anymore chunks.

6) Take your bag out of the water and pat it dry.

--> Here you go! Perfectly temperature chocolate!!

It is already in a bag, so you can cut off one tip of your bag and start using your chocolate.

If your chocolate starts turning firm again inside your bag you can soften it up again by massaging it.

When it is completely firm, cut open your bag, fill the chocolate in another bag and close it firmly. Continue with point 3) and your chocolate will be useable again!

HAVE FUN and vote for me, if you like my instruction!

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