Introduction: Cheap-o Spray Paint Custom Keyboard

This instructable covers how to take a $1 generic keyboard and turn it into a work of art....or maybe not.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. Philips head screwdriver
2. Newspaper
3. 1/4 wood screw
4. needle nose pliers
5. Two sheets of card stock
6. Plastic baggie for keys and membranes
7. Painter's tape
8. Black Spray Paint
9. Crystal Clear Sealer
10. Fluorescent Green Spray Paint
11. Craft Knife

12. wooden stand optional

Step 2: Disassembly...

Using the Philips screwdriver, remove all screws.

remember to save all screws in a plastic baggie or small container to prevent them from getting lost.

Step 3: Skipped Steps....oops

skipped a step...

Step 4: Removal and Storage of Innards and Keys

Once you shuck open the keyboard remove the plastic mylar sheet and circuit board from the case.

Pluck off the silicone/rubber membranes and place them inside the plastic baggie.

Using the needle nose pliers squeeze the fastening clips of the the keys and push to free the keys. Place the keys into the plastic baggie as well.

Step 5: Cover Up Using Painter's Tape

Using the painter's tape cover up led indicator lights and any other parts you don't want painted over.

Carefully cut out shapes or whatever using craft knife...

Step 6: Optional Mounting of Keyboard Onto Wooden Stand.

My wooden stand has a pre-drilled hole but the wood screw should screw in easily on it's own.

Step 7: Primary Color

Using black primary color spray 8-10 inches away from board overlapping spray to get a nice even coat. Let dry for an hour and coat again. Repeat if necessary.

try no to spray on a windy day or your project will attract dust particles as seen in last photo of this step.

Step 8: Graphic(s)

I printed out an image I found online on card stock and cut around the lines using the craft knife.

I didn't end up using the eyes or lower jaw but in this step l show you how to make multiple layers for a graphic with multiple parts.

I also left the raised edge of the keyboard exposed just to add a little secondary color detailing.

Step 9: Painting Secondary Color and the Keys

I wanted this keyboard to mimic the look of another keyboard l had seen online so l decided to completely paint over the keys.except for the "F" and "J" keys.

Using two pieces of card stock and the craft knife l cut X's roughly the size of the key insert shaft and poked the key shaft through allowing the keys to rest on the card-stock. I hope that makes sense...I'm drifting off to sleep.


when using this particular brand of spray paint l sprayed the first coat then had to wait two hours before l applied the second coat and then waited 24hours before l applied the clear coat.

if you aren't familiar with the keyboard layout either take a picture of the keyboard before you remove the keys or arrange them, on the card stock, in a way similar to the keyboard.

Step 10: Reassembly and Finished Product...

If you don't remember how you took it apart you're S.O.L. because l didn't take any reassembly shots, if you do remember the finished product should look something like this....enjoy

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