Introduction: Cheap Pocket Sized IPhone/iPod Touch Stylus

The first day I got my iPod Touch, I noticed that it would only respond to bare skin. I thought that was pretty cool, but soon after I wanted to be able to use a stylus. I found out that it takes something that generates energy to use the iPhone touch screen. You could just use tinfoil, becuase your energy travels through it to the device, but I didn't want to scratch the screen of my iPod touch. After some more research, I decided to create my own stylus. In this instructable, you will learn how to make a VERY CHEAP, VERY EFFECTIVE iPhone/iPod touch stylus.
(I beleive instructables user flyingpotato has made an iphone stylus, and i give him credit for that, but mine has a q-tip in it so it doesn't scratch the screen)

Step 1: Materials

All you will need for this instructable is a q-tip,
a 2.5 x 7 inch peice of tinfoil, and a drop of water.

Step 2: Wrapping the Q-tip

All you have to do is wrap the q-tip so that one fluffy end is sticking out (make sure the end sticking out is halfway wrapped in tinfoil). Then get the q-tip damp, but not so that it is dripping water. Now you can go try out your new stylus, becuase your dirt cheap iPhone stylus is complete.

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