Introduction: Cheap & Simple Media Projector With a Recycled Ikea Lamp

The purpose of the project is to recycle an old ikea lamp I have into something more stylish. In my case, I want a better decorative lamp, but with few modification you can have a slide projector (powered by leds or standard bulb) or even a video projector.

If you are interested, you can view the list of my not-yet-realized ideas on my blog

Step 1: Materials

  • Ikea lamp (isbrytare)
  • tape
  • one ore more slides
  • 2 minutes of time

Step 2: Assembly the Lamp

The main parts you need from the ikea lamp are: the main body, the 50W lamp, the filter holder and the lens.
Put the pieces together as shown in the photo. Now you are ready to apply your slides/lcd to the lamp

Step 3: Apply Your Slide

Simply attach the slide to the filter holder with some tape ( do not tape over the slide).
Then adjust the position of the filter holder so that is not too close to the lamp (it will get hot!)

Take care to position the lens on the right side

Step 4: Get Focus

 Switch on the lamp and slowly move back and forward the lens until the projected image is on focus.

You have done!

Step 5: Improvments

 There are tons of improvments you can do:
- substitute the standard light (MR16 - 50W) with a led light
- modify the filter holder to avoid the use of tape DONE IN THIS INSTRUCTABLE
- use an lcd instead of a slide
- use a special double-layered slide to mimic the lavalamp effect