Introduction: Cheap Triple Cheeseburger From Macdonalds

This idea came to me when I was sitting in Macdonalds (where else would I have gotten the idea? Ikea?) and saw the mcdouble In the mcvalue picks or watever, i then priced the double cheesburger  wich was $4.15 and noticed that the cheesburger was $2.10 and the mcdouble was $1.95, this led to me getting the idea for a triple cheesburger.

Basically if you buy the double cheeseburger by itself then it wold cost you about $4.15 but if you buy the mcdouble and a cheeseburger and mix them together then you would get a triple cheseburger for 5c less than the DC.

I dont have any ACTUAL PHOTOS but the simple pictures here should explain itself

Step 1: Step 1. Insert Here

Just remove the top of the cheeseburger and insert the bottom half between the meat of the mcdouble

Step 2: Step 2 and 3: Lol Whut?

first switch the top of the mc double with its top slab of meat and add the top from the cheezburger on top then your done.
this could have been done an easier way but I don't really care and im tired.

oh yeah this instructable sucked :( (wish i had a camera too take photo's, that would've helped a bit)
 this would save you around 2 dollars.