Introduction: Cheap/Easy Rubber Band Powered Launcher! 100m+

This is a rubber band powered launcher that can fire over 100m (330ft) depending on the quality of the finished product and the ammunition used. I will try to add a video of it in use sometime soon.

This is my first instructable, i am sorry for any flaws and blurry photos.

I take no responsibility for any damage to people, items etc. caused by this device.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

The thickest rubber bands you can get.(size 109= $5-7 from most stationary stores)

Ideally a small pringles can but anything like that will do. (try to get something that is sturdy)

Scissors or knife

Masking or duct tape (optional, but will increase life of the rubber bands)

Step 2: Tie the Rubber Bands Together.

Tie about 5 to 10 rubber bands together, but I recommend about 7.
 Repeat so you have two lengths of rubber bands.

Step 3: Making the Ammo Cup

Make a hole large enough for the rubber bands to fit through. (remember to make space for the knots to slip through when tying)
If you are using a thin plastic cup you might want to put tape on the edge of the hole so it doesn't cut the rubber band. (see pic)

Step 4: Finishing Off

Now feed one of the bands through the hole and and tie together.
Make sure the rubber band isn't twisted or uneven where you tied it.

Step 5: Tips

Ammunition: Water bombs is an obvious choice, I have a few mandarin trees so i use the dropped fruit. Be creative, experiment with different ammo and find the best.

Firing: The best way to fire it is to get 2 friends to hold each end of the rubber band and pull the cup as far back as you can. Then get the two people holding the end of the rubber band ends to pull them forward just as you let go of the cup. If you don't have any friends (lol) just find a place to tie it so it's like a giant slingshot. If you want to fire the projectile high into the air, get the two people holdig the rubber band to stand on a table or something similar. (see pics)

Problems: If the projectile doesn't release from the cup make sure that the cup isn't  bending into an oval shape from the strain of the rubber bands. If this is a problem, when pulling it back, keep the cup a round shape by holding it where the rubber bans are tied to the cup. If this still deosn,t work make sure the rubber band are spaced evenly or try using a different/wider cup. If your cup is too long  this may also cause problems. Comment if there are any further problems and i will be happy to help.

Variations: You can easily make this on a smaller/larger scale. You could also try making 2 rows of rubber bands for added strength.

Maintenance:  Check regularly for any frayed rubber bands and replace them.

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