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How to refill your liquid hand soap on the cheap.
Soap is soap right? Not to the soap manufacturer's. You have soap for body, soap for dishes,
soap for hands, soap for clothes, you get the idea.
As I am out of bathroom liquid soap, I would walk to kitchen and wash my hands after doing my business.
I realized that was stupid, so I added liquid hand soap to old bathroom liquid soap dispenser.
I know this isn't an originial idea, but this is my first foray into instructibles.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather your empty soap bottle- in this case a race car themed empty liquid handsoap bottle.
Gather your new liquid hand soap- I opted for the Ultra concentrated (with natural extracts) JOY
glistening pink grapefruit dish soap.
Two reasons behind my choice-
1. it's what I had. 2. There aren't many manly smelling dishsoaps.
No pinetree or motor oil smelling dishsoap.
Note: the original didn't smell like HOTWHEELS either, more of a berry bubble gum smell.

Step 2: MIX

The easy way to complete the refill, would be to just add the soap to the empty bottle.
But, If you add 1/4 cup of hot water. The soap will mix better, and slightly dilutes it.
You don't want to dry out your man hands.
Add the water to the dishwashing soap and shake.
NOTE: Hot water increases the pressure inside the bottle.
Ensure the cap is tightly closed.

Step 3: ADD

Add the mixed soap to the empty bottle.
Invert the dish soap bottle to reduce bubbles.
No fruity bubbles in the HOTWHEELS soap container.
This picture was taken AFTER I figured out the bottle inverting step.


Here's a quick review- I don't type quickly. Enjoy the picture.