Cheap&easy Scented Candles

Introduction: Cheap&easy Scented Candles

So you like candles and love a good odor in your house? This instructable might be something for you :)
It cost little time to make, it is very cheap and it smells delicious (depending on the aroma you use ofcourse!)

Warning: this can get very hot so be careful!

Step 1: Things Needed

The basis items you need for this instructable:

1* Candle
1* ~0.5 ml aroma
1* Thing to heat the candle for wax (you can use a microwave if you remove the aluminium cover or another candle
1* A few minutes spare time

(A small (wooden) stick is optional to stir the wax)

*note: Some candles can smell better then some others you made, it's a really trial-and-error to find the correct amount of aroma you'll need to add!

Step 2: Remove the Wick

In the first step you need to remove the wick from the candle and keep it anywhere safe!

Step 3: Melt It

in this step you'll need to melt the candle (till you get something like on the picture), i used another candle to heat this one but if you remove the aluminium and place the candle in (for example) a glass you can put it in the microwave.

Step 4: Measure and Add the Aroma

In this step you need to measure around 0.5~2 ml aroma, don't add too much or you'll get a terrible smell
As you can see i used vanilla aroma, you can buy this at your local supermarket (probably at the baking stuff) there may be some other odors available, i recommend you to check them all out.

After you measured the aroma you need it to add it to the wax and if you like you can stir it a bit.
Don't worry if most of the aroma stays in one place, but be sure it won't stays directly under the wick!

Step 5: Add the Wick

In this step you only need to add the wick, but as I said before: don't let the wick touch the aroma!

Step 6: Wait and Enjoy!

Because the wax is very hot it can take a few minutes to get hard again, when it's hard you can use it and enjoy the amazing good smell this little candle gives you.

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