Introduction: Cheap(er) "barefoot" Running Shoes in Under 30 Seconds

If you are reading this, then you are probably familiar with the barefoot running movement.  Currently, there are not many options when it comes to barefoot-style running shoes/sandals.  You can make your own, but I personally did not enjoy the "roman" look when running down the trail.  Plus, I was not able to make them without ripping them or having them fall apart.  Here, you can get your own barefoot-style shoes for $10-15.  

Step 1: Materials

Your hands

Step 2: The Why, and the Only Step

You may be asking why I chose aquasocks.  I was searching for as little cushioning and support as possible, with as much flex as I could find.  My first pair were from Dick's, but I found a cheaper pair at Target, plus they look more like actual shoes.  I won't get into the details regarding the benefits of a flexible sole and little cushioning/support.  I will let you research the benefits, if you haven't already.  

The only step?  Remove the insole.  However, depending on the brand of aquasocks, there might be some adhesive to deal with, or, as with the Target pair, some venting holes that might be uncomfortable.  You get used to it.  If you leave in the insoles, there really ins't much support, so you would still get most of the benefits.  I have already worn through one pair, but at $10 per pair, it won't break the bank.  This is a GREAT way to try out the techniques without spending lots of money.

Step 3: Voila!

Enjoy your runs!  It renewed my interest in running!  My arches have never been taller!