Introduction: Cheapest, Easiest, Most Portable "Mouse Pad"

This is my first instructable.

This mouse pad is by far the easiest and cheapest I've discovered. I have an optical mouse, but the mouse pad also works the laser or ball mice. it's also the the easiest to replace encase the mouse pad gets dirty or covered with notes.

(my apologies because my desk is white along with the "mouse pad")

NOTE: If you're into heavy gaming like WOW or FPS GAMES than this "mouse pad"probably won't do you much good. I have used this on rough concrete with little trouble from it ripping. This is not a permanent solution ifthat is what you're looking for. Of course a piece of tile from Home Depot would probably work better for a PERMANANT solution. But how often do you carry a piece of tile with you in you laptop bag. Can you write notes on tiles and then throw or save it cheaper than paper? Yes, I could have printed the instructable logo on the piece of paper with the phase "World's cheapest 'mouse pad'" but I didnt. I have played The Sims 2 and Diablo 2 using this "mouse pad" with no problem. I'm sorry you do not like this idea.

Step 1: Items Required

-- One piece of plain white paper (preferably 8.5 x 11)

-- four pieces of tape (invisible tape works great)

Step 2: Instructions

1. Take the sheet of paper and place on desk where you usually use your mouse.

2. Tape each of the corner to the desk.