Introduction: Cheapest LED Headlamp

The Challenge : build the cheapest head lamp possible, both in initial costs, and cost of running the lamp over time, in buying new batteries.

Step 1: Cut Off Piece of the Board

Cut off a piece of the board so that there are at least 4 holes, two for the wires, and two for LED leads.

If you want to make a super cheap headlamp, skip this step and just solder the led to the wires coming off the battery pack. The board does help to support the connections, so it might help to keep it from falling apart.

Step 2: Strip the Wire

Strip the wires that will run from the led to the battery case.

Step 3: Place LED on Board

Thread the LED leads through the holes on the board.

Step 4: Heat Shrink Tubing

Slip the wires from the Battery pack through a piece of heat shrink tubing. Also slip some over the ends of the circuit board. After you solder the wires to the LED leads, you will use a lighter to shrink up the tubing. This helps protect the connections from water and from getting knocked apart. But for right now just let them slip down the wire , out of the way of the exposed end of the wire.

Step 5: Attach Wires to Led Leads

Wrap the wires around the led leads. Strip the wires enough so you have you can wrap the exposed wire over the LED leads several times.

Step 6: Solder

Solder the LED leads to the wires.

Step 7: Heat Shrink

Place the Heat shrink tubing over the connections , and then use a lighter to heat up it up.

Step 8: Get the Bandana Ready

Cut the bandara down to size, and then fold it in half along the diagnol. Fold if over until it is one width for a head band. Poke a hole in one layer of the cloth for the LED to pop through. I dont have any pictures of this yet, but then take the led and poke it through the hole, so that the led is on the outside and the small circuit board is on the other side. Use elastic bands to keep the circuit board wrapped up in the bandana.

Step 9: Elastic Bands and Battery Pack

Keep the Battery pack connected to the bandana with elastics. you can wrap a plastic bag around the battery pack to make it weatherproof .
To keep it on, just put the batteries in the holder, otherwise just take them out to turn it off.