Introduction: Cheapest Sturdy Garage Wall Shelf Over 300lb Capacity

Here is youtube video for further explanation.
The idea was to build a stronger shelf, than the standard wire shelves you can buy at the store using basic tools with a cost savings of over 50%. This shelf is not for everyone, but I have accomplished my goal. The shelf can be modified to hold more or less weight.

Step 1: Completed Shelf

Image of completed shelf

Step 2: Cost Comparison

Money saved can be used for additional tools, and the experience gained used on future projects.

Step 3: Material List

List of Materials

Step 4: Cross-sectional View of Shelf & Measurements


Step 5: Zoomed in on Important Measurement

Step 6: Build Steps

Step 7: Draw Horizontal Line Using Level at Shelf Location

Step 8: Mark Studs and Diagonal Support Locations

Draw additional line at your diagonal support locations 16-5/16" below first horizontal line your drew.

Step 9: Make All Your Wood Cuts.

Glue furring strips together, make all cuts, predrill furring strips, and set your screws protruding 1/4" from furring strip.

Step 10: Make Pilot Holes

Take furring strips w/ set screws, number them where they will go on wall. Align top of wood to horizontal line and tap with hammer to create a hole where you will pre-drill. Do this with remaining furring strips.

Step 11: Fasten All Furring Strips to Wall

Step 12: Attach Front Support Lip to Plywood

I glued,clamped, screwed, then nailed them together. Let sit for a day. Glue is optional for a bit more strength.

Step 13: Assemble Parts

Set in diagonals, they should be able to stand alone. Set top. Nail in place w/ nail gun. Add remaining screws.

Step 14: Load Test

That is 180lbs hanging from the center of the shelf. I wouldn't dare try that with a standard wire shelf.

Step 15: Almost Forgot End Supports

Clamp, nail, and screw end support pieces into place.