Introduction: Cheapest and Most Easy Steadycam for Everybody.

Everybody knows the steadycam. And everybody using a cam to take videos, may it be the iPhone4, a digital camera (like in this instructable the Sony NEX-5), on of these new cool DSLRs or even a real videocam will know about the problems you have taking videos while you are moving the cam.
This instructable will show you how to stabilize your cam.
In fact, I know it is not a real-real steadycam, but on the go this tip will maybe help.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

• a cam
• a tripod (a bigger on is better, as long it is not too short it will work, a bit heavier is also good)

That's it...

Step 2: Make the "steadycam"

Mount the camera to the tripod. Then extend the upper part of your tripod, so you got a "grip".
Spread all three legs (at least two) ans extend the third one to a comfortable length (but not too short.)
Take it losely in your hand, so that it moves soft, but does not slip.
See an example in the picture.

Yeah that's it. Move your camera around.

Step 3: Ready to Go... Aaaaaand Action.

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