Cheaply Create an Indoor Growing Area With Grow Lights



Introduction: Cheaply Create an Indoor Growing Area With Grow Lights

Have you ever wanted to grow some plants indoors, but don't want to spring for a massive grow tent? This cheap and simple solution will let you setup your own growing space in which you can start seedlings, or even grow some plants indoors.

Step 1: Watch the Video

In this video, we walk you through all the steps of setting up your very own grow space indoors.

Step 2: Get a 50 Gallon Tote

These are available at most big box stores and are generally pretty affordable. I think mine cost $15.

Step 3: Paint the Inside of the Tote White

I recommend using flat white paint. This will help to reflect the light from your grow lights back upon the plants.

Step 4: Get a 4 Ft LED Shop Light

An LED Shop Light is fairly affordable: definitely more so than traditional grow lights. LEDS will support plant growth without overheating or using too much energy. I used a Lights of America shop light that I found on sale a couple years ago, it can also be found on Amazon:

The shop light can be rested on the edges of the painted tote.

Step 5: Get a Timer

Plug the LED Shop light into a timer. I recommend setting it to be on 16 hours a day.

Step 6: Place Your Plants or Seedlings Inside the Newly Created Growing Space

Congratulations, you can now grow indoors!

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