Cheapo Bluetooth Dongle Mod.




Introduction: Cheapo Bluetooth Dongle Mod.

I bought this little cheapo Bluetooth dongle from eBay. I like to use Skype and yahoo for voice chat but hated being stuck at my desk to use it and I really wanted to use my trusty old Motorola headset with my computer so when i get the urge to chat, or an incoming call came in while working on something I could and not be at the mercy of the 6 ft range my current corded headset allowed for. So to eBay I went. I looked at several name brand dongles (Heh i love that word!) But Found this little cheap thing for a buck with free shipping from China. Now we play the waiting game.

Step 1: Many Years Later......

Actually only like 8 days this arrived.

Step 2: The Problem.

Its soo tiny!?!?! And I have trouble removing it from the usb port on my desktop,

Step 3: The Solution.

I had a  hp thumb drive that I encased in epoxy after washing the previous one and still had the case for some reason. (Ladies remember we are guys we dont think to check our pockets before throwing our dirty clothes at your feet.) The thing is built cheaply enought that i cracked it open with my thumb nail. and trimmed away the excess plastic with some toenail clippers.

Step 4: Finished!

I then placed the trimmed down dongle in the flas drive housing and secured it with hot glue for the time being.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    i have the same one but i cant find the right drivers... were did u get urs?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I just plugged it in and the computer did the rest.