Introduction: Cheapskate Crutch Clasp

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A 5-minute fix for crutches that keel over.

If you, like me, have the misfortune of finding yourself on crutches for the foreseeable future then you will also be driven crazy by the sound of them regularly clattering to the floor. Crutches are naturally top heavy owing to the elbow cuffs and hand grips so it doesn't take much for them to fall over. They can be quite a hazard for young children and pets.

This instructable gives details of how to make a cheap device for keeping them upright using shower curtain hooks and a coat hook.

I've entered this in the spring cleaning challenge so if you like it please vote. I like the idea of winning a roomba to keep my dog entertained when I go out! ;)

Step 1: Ingredients

To prepare this tasty little dish you will need:

A coat hook

Two shower curtain hooks that are big enough to allow the crutches to slot easily inside


A corresponding screwdriver

A spare bit of wall to attach the hook to

Step 2: Assemblage

Find a bit of wall and stand your crutches up against it. You want somewhere a bit out of the way so that people are less likely to brush past them and knock them over. I've chosen a corner by the front door at the bottom of the stairs.

It's helpful for me to have them there as I still sometimes forget my crutches when leaving the house and I'll have begun limping my way to the front gate before I remember.

Step 3: Position the Hook

You might need an extra pair of hands for this. Slot the curtain rings over your crutches and position them so that they catch just underneath where the wrist/elbow support begins (the black bits on my crutches). Then hook the rings over the coat hook and place it against the wall marking where the screw holes are.

Step 4: Assemblage

Attach the coat hook to the wall with screws and a screwdriver. My wall is made of wood so I only needed screws but if you are attaching it to a plastered brick wall you will need to drill holes and use rawlplugs to screw in to.

Step 5: Defy Gravity

Time to stand (or sit!) back and admire your work.

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