Introduction: Cheat on Any Wii

This instructable is for all you cheaters out there (I only cheat when i beat the game and want online supremacy)


What you need

Wii that's able to run homebrew
SD Card

Step 1: Get Codes

To get codes go here

Click on any game you want codes for

At the top of the page click download

save the .txt file to your desktop

Step 2: Converting/Editing Codes

Unzip the ocarina files

go into the "pc" folder in the unzipped file

run codemgr.exe

insert the SD Card

in code manager go into File => open TXT file

browse for the txt file you downloaded

open it

Check all the boxes for the cheats that you want

In alot of things you check there are groups of X's (ex. XXXXXX)

the X's are variables

the lines on he left in Italic should tell you what the variables should be or check in the "Code Comment" section below the actual code to see what the variables should be.

you should get the hang of it soon

When you are all done click export to .gct

--If You Get Errors--

Error: "Error at code:"
Fix: Check your Variables!

Error: "No codes selected"
Fix: Check the checkboxes (at least one has to be checked)

--If you get no errors--

select the drive letter that your SD Card is (check my computer to get it)

click Store (NOT STORE TO FILE)

Step 3: Running Codes

boot ocarina (boot.elf is in Unzipped Folder => hbc => ocarina)

insert the target game and press A on the Wiimote.

It should say:
"Found Code List!"
"Applying Code List!"
at the end

the screen will flash a wierd green color for a milli second and then the game will boot with cheats applied. Booting from the disc channel will not apply cheats for when your not in the mood to cheat you way to the top.