Check Deposit IPhone Mount #2

Introduction: Check Deposit IPhone Mount #2

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Due to storage problems, I am revamping "Check Deposit iPhone Mount #1" and have made another one.

This one is made of scrap 5/8" plywood, 2 pcs of !" x 2" pine,  and 4 pcs of 3/8" dowel.  I cut the plywood to a convenient size and cut a 1.25" hole with a hole saw for the iPhone's camera eye.  I glued 2 pcs of 1x2 to the ends so I could drill holes for the 4 dowel legs.  I drilled the 3/8" holes in the 1x2 for the legs and cut 4 holes horizontally to store the legs when not in use.  I cut the legs to make it set level with all 4 legs on a flat surface.  I numbered the legs and matching holes so each would go  where they were intended.  After doing a little sanding and dabbing on a coat of stain, it was finished.
Cost = $2.50 (for the dowel)
Time to build = about 2 hours (Okay, I am slow)

It works great, maintaining the correct distance to fit the bank app's requirements and holding the iPhone camera steady.  It breaks down in seconds and is easily stored since it is so small when disassembled.

The 1st & 2nd photo shows the finished product, ready to lay the iPhone on the top and take a photo of a check.
The 3rd & 4th show a bottom view.
The 5th & 6th shows it broken down into five parts, with the legs stored.
The 7th shows a receipt I took to check clarity.  I didn't want to show a picture of a check for security reasons.  As a matter of fact, I intentionally edited the picture to erase the name at the top of the receipt. 

I made extensions for the legs so I can take photos of a standard 8.5x11" paper.  The last photo was taken with my iPhone using this stand.

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