Introduction: Check If You're Registered to Vote in 2015 Canadian Election

Once you go to the Canadian Elections website you will come to this page, click on the Start button

Step 1:

Just click Next, this screen just tells you anything you enter is private

Step 2:

Click on the bubbles to enter your answers, yours will most likely match up with mine here, unless you are a Armed Forces member

Step 3:

Enter in your information, at the bottom enter in your postal code

Step 4:

When you enter your postal code, hit on the Find button

Step 5:

After you hit Find, if the postal code is correct, a drop down bar will show up allowing you to choose your street.

Choose your street, and enter your house number, and then click next.

Step 6:

Enter in the number in the box, and click on submit.

Step 7:

If you are on the voting list, this is the screen that you will see.