Introduction: Checkerboard Your Shoelaces

 In this instructable  I will be showing you an awesome way to make your shoes look great. this checker-board lacing is easy to do and can add new life into your old shoes

Step 1: Things You'll Need


4 shoelaces (preferably two of each colour)
Shoes to lacein 
A colour scheme

Step 2: Starting the Horizontal Bars

This step is pretty easy just put the first aglet in the bottom left hole and the other one in the bottom right hole. Now pull all the way on the right aglet until all the lace is on the right side of the shoe.

Step 3: Horizontal Bars Continued

Okay! Were off to a good start now pass the aglet under the eye holes (look at the pictures if you don't understand) and pull it so that it is tight. Then pass the aglet through the hole directly across from it and pull it tight.

Step 4: Finishing the Horzontal Bars

After you repeat it to the top your shoes should look like this(Please note that the shoelace comes out of one end not both).

Step 5: Starting the Vertical Bars

Insert the other color shoe aglet into the top left eyelet of the shoe pull it so you have enough space to work with half of the lace should be fine.

Step 6: Starting the Checkerboard

With the aglet go over the first bar and under the next keep going over under til you reach the end then you go over the last bar and start from the bottom up.

Step 7: Finishing

When you reach the top the 3rd time just tuck in the all the remainder shoelace under the shoe tongue and wallah your done.

Step 8: Conclusion

There are many variations to this lace so try it out.
I would like to make a shout out to the kids at memorial u guys are the reason i made this thanks.

If you made some nice looking shoes using the checker boards lace leave the pictures in the comments and I'll add it to this page (p.s My shoes are a little sloppy try your best to make your look better.)