Introduction: Checkered Rubik's Cube

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Make sure that your Rubik's Cube is solved for this pattern.

Step 1: Solving Your Rubik's Cube

Make sure that you know the different parts af a Rubik's Cube before we start. *Note that we will NOT be using any steps going counter-clockwise.* In case you don't know the sides: L - turn the left side clockwise Li - turn the left side counter-clockwise R - turn the right side clockwise Ri - turn the right side counter-clockwise F - turn the front side clockwise Fi - turn the front side counter clockwise B - turn the back side clockwise Bi - turn the back side counter-clockwise U - turn the top side clockwise Ui - turn the top side counter-clockwise D - turn the bottom side clockwise Di - turn the bottom side counter-clockwise

Step 2: First Third

First pick a side. I choose the white side. The white side is in front and the red side is on top. Just like the 1st picture. Then do these steps: R, R, L, L. Itshould then look like the second picture.

Step 3: Second Third

After you have done the first third, you need to do the second third. So do these steps: F, F, B, B. then your cube should look like the picture.

Step 4: Last Third

Now that the second third is done, it's time for the last third. These are the steps: U, U, D, D. Then your cube should look like the picture.

Step 5: Congratulations!

Good job! You have just done the checkered pattern! Now you can show your friends what you can do! If you want to get it back to the way it was, just do the steps again disregarding the pictures. Have fun!