Introduction: Checking WiFi With Mediatek LinkIt One

When I was working with the MediaTek LinkIt one, I discovered I wanted a sketch that I knew always worked with WiFi and would allow me to check my wifi signal strength. This instructable shows how to check to see if your wifi isn't working.

You will need to have setup the MediaTek LinkIt One SDK. Check out this site for more details!

Step 1: Connect the Antenna

You will need to connect the WiFi/Bluetooth antenna to the LinkIt One in order for it to get a WiFi signal. See the picture for more information.

Step 2: Uploading the Code

The code for this project is attached to this page. You can also find it under the LinkIt one examples as the WiFi web server code. In the following line:

define WIFI_AP "your_ap_ssid"

change your_ap_ssid to your WiFi network's name.

In #define WIFI_PASSWORD "your_password"

change your_password to the password of your wifi network.


Change WEP to your type of wifi security.

Now upload the code and open the serial monitor to 152000 baud rate.

Step 3: Understanding the Serial Monitor Results

When the serial monitor prints out an ip address and says, "server started" you are good to go! If it gives you errors or stays stuck on "Connecting to AP" for hours, then you have a problem.