Introduction: CheeZap

This explains the quick-and-dirty on creating your very own Cheese-its security system. I do warn that this project contains the use of mildly dangerous electric shock. If you or your intended Cheese-it burgular (victim) has a pre-existing heart problem that requires a pace-maker I personally advise that you avoid this project or any nearby powerlines.

Step 1: Materials

-Cheese-it (or any other brand) box
-disposable camera modified as a stun gun (search for "home-made tazer")
-AA battery for camera
-paper clips (2)
-ducktape or any other type for that matter

Step 2: Paper Clip Insertion

The idea is to get a section of the paper clip exposed, but not too obvious. You might have to use a pocket knife to pilot the holes.

Step 3: Attaching the Leads

I already had a working camera stun gun with alligator clips, but the principal is the same: you are making a series curcuit with your friend as the switch. for extra precaution, put some tape over the conections.