Introduction: Cheep Stormtrooper Helmet

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Ever since I was a little boy I have loved star wars. I admired most the wonderful characters and there magnificent costumes. There costume design made me feel as if I was really there... a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Therefore I wanted to own my own piece of this mystical land. I really wanted one of the beautiful stormtrooper helmets however looking on the internet they were way to expensive to buy one costing hundreds of pounds.

Many years later I decide to make my own. So I try and make it as cheaply as possible.

I made this helmet a very long time ago and did not take many pictures. So sorry in advanced for very few images.

Step 1: Research

I had to do lots of research. I decided to base my helmet on the stormtroopers from a new hope. I got lots of images and always had them to look at while I worked on the helmet. I also had to research the cheapest and best materials to use.

Step 2: Pepakura

The process of putting this together took a very long time. To put it together I used UHU glue and stuck the numbers together. The paper itself came with instructions and it is very self explanatory. I was given the pepakura printed on paper by a friend. So Im afraid I cant share the file.

Step 3: Fiberglass Resin

I painted the storm trooper helmet with fiberglass resin. I made sure to do this in a well ventilated area. This hardness the paper so that it doesn't get soggy when the paint and filler is put on it and makes sure that the helmet keeps its shape. I did not have a picture of this so this is a boba fett helmet that I am currently working on.

Step 4: Bulk

I then car body filler to smooth out some of the edges of the paper and also to add bulk. once i was happy of the shape of the helmet I used paper mache to smooth out the car body filler.

Step 5: Painting

I used white gesso to go over the whole helmet. I did this with 4 or 5 layers. Then I went over the white with some black and gray acrylic paint.

Step 6: Inside

Then I had to make sure that it fitted on my head. I used a bike helmet to fit in the top of the helmet. I also used sponges to make sure that it fitted very tightly to my head. I added a visor. I looked online and they ere about £15 so instead I used a green transparent two liter bottle instead. and simply cut out the correct size for the eyes and stuck it in.

Step 7: Done

This was a very cheep helmet to make. It probably cost me about £15-20 but I did already have lots of the materials. The helmet also took months to make. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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