Introduction: Cheep and Easy Last Minute Gauntlets

Halloween is only two days away, so here's a tutorial for some easy gantlets to make a cool last minute night costume, or anything else that requires gauntlets

Step 1: Acquiring Materials

Items that you will need for these:

Craft Foam of whatever color choice you'd like

- Can easily be bought at any craft store, the Micheal's in my case

Simple Black gloves

-Can be bought cheap at nearly any store, I'd recommend buying two pairs in case of failure

A hot glue Gun

Clothes Iron



Step 2: Drawing the Pattern

For this project, you can either be very exact, or get lazy and a bit sloppy, like me. You can draw the pattern on paper first for a more exact look, or skip ahead and draw the pattern right on the foam


Start off by drawing a diamond shape, a little longer in length than the length of the first piece of your finger, then do the same with the other two pieces of your finger, making sure to make the last one a little longer.

Repeat this step for all your other fingers


For the thumb, draw diamonds for the first two fingers, then a little oval like shape for the last piece


The hand pieces can be a bit tricky, start off by drawing tick marks for you hand, approximately in thirds. Then put down tick marks for the width, and draw the lines.

Step 3: Cut Out, Trace, and Cut Out Again

This step is fairly simple, just cut out the paper pieces, put them on the foam, trace them, then cut out the new foam pieces

You should end up with five piles of three, as well as the hand pieces cut from foam.

Note: If you want your gauntlets to be a color other than that of the foam you bought, now is the time to paint the pieces, for my costume I needed black one so I kept them this way, but you definitely don't have too

Step 4: Ironing and Shaping the Pieces

To get that nice bent shape in your pieces, start off by grabbing a piece of paper towel, and folding it in half. Then place whatever piece you are shaping in between the two halves of paper, and hold a clothes iron on it for about five to ten seconds.

After you iron them, they should be hot and curling up a little bit. The next step is to take the piece, and pinch it onto the corresponding finger. After pinching it for a few seconds it will cool down and stay in the shape of your finger. I recommend that you wear the gloves you are using for this part, as it gets quite hot. Do this for all finger and hand pieces

Step 5: Glue the Pieces Onto the Gloves With a Hot Glue Gun

For this step, you'll want to wear a glove underneath the one that you are turning into the gauntlet, as the hot glue will seep through the glove and burn your hands (this happened to me)

Put the glove (s) on you hand, and carefully apply some hot glue to the piece you are gluing on. Then glue them onto your fingers and hand in order. You want the pieces to overlap, and you want to be able to move your hand

Step 6: Look Spooky

You now have some fairly cool looking gauntlets to show off to the world!

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