Introduction: Cheer Stunt

Introduction: In this tutorial I will be explaining how to do a heel stretch, turn to an arabesque, twist cradle stunts. This stunt consist of a one-legged, extended stunt. They look great, but they are also often a challenge for flyers and bases since they shift the balance and the grips from the ones they are accustomed to. So this tutorial will explain how to keep the stunt safe and how to do properly.
Tools and materials:
1. 5 people including yourself (2 bases, backspot, frontspot, flyer)
2. Cheer mat or anything soft under you ( to secure safety in case someone falls)

Step 1: the Beginning Set- How the Stunt Should Look Before Going Up.

The flyer will set on there toes behind the bases. The base on the right side (main base) of the flyer will but there hands palm facing upward above the hips while the base to the left of the flyer (secondary base) will put the right hand between the main bases two hands and the left hand will hold the main bases inside wrist (if you are looking at wristwatch). The back spot will be behind the flyer. The front spot will be in front of the flyer, they will grab the main bases forearm and the secondary's wrist to secure stabilization.

Step 2: Before Going Up

Flyer will set with chest up and head straight. While backspot grabs the right ankle with their right and left hand placed on there behind (be a “chair” to the flyer). While the bases hold the flyers foot tight so she/he stays stable when going into the air. The front spot will grab the wrist and forearm loosely and while going up the front spot will grab more firmly.

Step 3: Going Up

The flyer will bounce off their toes while bases take a little bounce with the flyer. The bases will both squat, while back spot dips their hand with the flyer. Then the bases will continue to push up to the top to where there arms are fully extended above their heads. The flyer will lock there knee and pull a heel stretch (flyer kick up leg then grab either the inside or outside of the arch on there foot) and back spot will push of their behind to give the power to go up. And then the back spot will grab the flyers ankle.

Step 4: Turning

*Watch the video above to show you how to turn* The flyer will drop their leg to there side, while the main base will turn over there right shoulder while the secondary and backspot follows. Flyer keep in mind that you have to stay really tight because you will wobble just a little due to them turning.

Step 5: Arabesque

Main base will stay the same, and secondary will take the hand that is holding the wrist and place it on top of the foot making a “hamburger” with there hand. The back spot will grab the ankle tighter. And the flyer will hold their chest up while outing there leg behind them making a 90 degree angle, also there hands to the side of them making a “t” with hands in fist.

Step 6: Twist Cradle

The bases will dip and pop the flyer up and back spot will do the same. The flyer will stay tight and turn over there right shoulder bring their hands to the chest making a “X” while turing. The bases will catch the back and butt and legs. And the back spot will grab between the arm pits. And the flyer will grab the bases sides.