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In this Instructable we will connect CheerLights to a button on your smartphone.

CheerLights is an Internet of Things (IOT) project which allows Christmas lights across the world to synchronize to one color set by Twitter. For example, tweeting "@Cheerlights Red" changes lights connected to the CheerLights project to go red. Tweeting out "#Cheerlights Red" will also alter the color.

For an easier way of changing CheerLights color, we will create a smartphone virtual button. A simple button press will automate the required information Twitter needs to change the CheerLights color.

Step 1: Step 1: Create a Twitter Account

You'll need a free Twitter account.

If you don't have a Twitter account, go here to Sign Up
If you already have a Twitter account, go here to Sign In

Step 2: Step 2: Download DO Button by IFTTT

Available for iOS and Android, DO Button by IFTTT allows us to create a smartphone virtual button to change CheerLights color. This app is free.

Click here for iOS Version
Click here for Android Version

Step 3: Step 3: Open DO by IFTTT & Create Account

Open DO by IFTTT.

If you already have an IFTTT Account, select "Sign In" enter your email & password.

If you do not have an IFTTT Account, enter your email & password & select "Create Account".

Step 4: Step 4: Set Up DO

After you have logged into DO by IFTTT, we'll setup the app. Use above collages as a setup guide, starting with the top left picture and going across to the right. I used an iPhone for this setup.

  • Open DO by IFTTT
  • Select the mortar & pestle icon
  • In My Recipes select +
  • In Add a Recipe, select the magnifying glass
  • In Search Recipes, type in "Tweet" and select "Post a Tweet"
  • In the What's Happening section, type "CheerLights Blue"
  • Select the beaker icon & then "OccurredAt", then "Done"
  • Select "Add"

Step 5: Step 5: Edit Recipe Name

The recipe we created has a default name of "Post a Tweet" which we are renaming to "Blue".

  • Select mortar & pestle icon
  • In My Recipes menu select recipe name, "Post a tweet"
  • Change "Post a tweet" title to "Blue"
  • Select Done
  • Select Save

Step 6: Step 6: Test It Out

You have now renamed your button to Blue. Repeat this process to setup the remaining CheerLight colors:

  • Once all colors are setup, I like to arrange them in alphabetical order from the "My Recipes" menu
  • Once that's done, select the "DO" icon with the white Twitter Bird
  • Scroll through your buttons and choose a color
  • Press that button and about 15-20 seconds later, millions of Cheerlights change color! VOILA!

Step 7: Step 6: Test It Out

If you did everything correctly, this is what will happen!

Stay tuned for my next Instructable, where we'll make a CheerLights device!

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