Introduction: CheerObot

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1. Start with cutting out squares A and B. 2. Next cut along the black lines (1) and (2). Two paper wedges will remain 3. Remove the slim wedges that were initially cut from the square4. On both squares, tape the numbers (1) and (2) together, per square.

( The squares should look a little warped once taped ) 5. Once complete, you should have two sepperate squares that look warped/ arched (gently create crease on white lines)6. Next, align the (A) and (B) edges and tape the two squares together. Both squares taped together (side by side) and should look like two square hills/ humps - Once complete set aside.7. Cut out the rectangle (C) from the paper. 8. Next , take the rectangl and pinch the number (3) and (4) together.9. Once (3) and (4) edges are pinched together, proceed to tape the seem.10. In this step we are going to tape the 3 main components of the CheerObot together. (Two squares (A) , (B) and rectage (C) - now “tear-drop shaped)11. With a thin stick of tape, attach to the back of the tear-drop shapedpaper (general location of the (3) and (4) numbers) and reach under the seem of where squares (A) and (B) are located. (tap should reachunder and between seems under the ridge of hills/ humps.12. Once attached, take a second stick of tape and attach to lower center of bulging side of tear-drop. Gently pull the other end of the tape and attach beneath other end of square hills/ humps.13. Cut rectangle eyes (E) from paper and tape to upper center of bulging tear drop.(C) (refer to imags for rough whereabouts)14. Cut rectangle (D) from paper and fold white lines onto each other15. Next, bend the thin, stick like, rectagle (D) into a ”V” shape on the letter D and release - this should be centered. 16. Take a thin stick of tape and place over center of (D) and place on inner floor portion of bugling tear-drop - please refernce images for details17. Lastly, take two remaining wedge cut outs, left over from squares and fold on white crease. Take take two small sticks of tape and attach to either side of wedges and place on top of CheerObot in any fashion you choose.18. Set on office table and show all your friends!